I remember lying in fetal position unable to talk.  Something was wrong.  I didn’t know exactly what.  All I knew was that I wanted to be in a loving relationship. The person I was hoping to spend New Years with went MIA.  It triggered my insecurities and this place that didn’t believe love was possible for me.  I put out a HUGE call to the Universe, “Please, let me live in Love”.  

Little did I know, I had started on what became a 17-year journey of trainings that helped heal the numbness in my heart and show up for the mission I feel called to.  

The Love I desperately sought has been inside of me all along.  

It just needed some loosening from the grips of my childhood, a missing father, threats to my life, a teenage mother who tried her best yet had no idea how to give me what she didn’t get, and a feeling that often stalked me when opportunity knocked , “I can’t do that…”  That was just a few of the things that blocked Love from flowing in my life.  Can you relate?

In my 17-year journey, during my two Master in Divinity programs it became clear how vital families are as the fabric of our society. Our ability and capacity to Love starts at home.

My programs support women and men in all stages of family and life to break through deeply buried patterns and blocks that are often nearly impossible to access in traditional or even some alternative therapies.

Time is short on this amazing planet.  

In just one weekend, participants were able to move through their blocks and suddenly have a better relationship with a parent that they didn’t feel close to AND meet their beloved shortly after.  

An elder who knew her path wasn’t able to step into it for some unknown reason.  The last I checked with her, she was busy fulfilling the purpose she knew she was meant for.

Are you ready to transform your life?

Here’s why I can help:

I take a body, heart, soul, and planet approach that integrates psychology, early childhood development, conception and birth work, trauma resolution, regenerative practices, somatic work, and spirituality based on a lineage that’s thousands of years old.

In 2006, I was made a Sufi teacher.  Though they are shoes I’m growing into, this spiritual path is the foundation of all my work. Spirituality is essentially about uncovering the Love that we are, trusting in the Goodness of life, and stepping into a potential and paradigm that’ll blow our socks off.  

Our nervous systems embed the grooves of our life experiences, but the spirituality will bring us back to the fundamental wholeness that is always within us.  It’s the shortcut to living in joy no matter your faith, orientation, and traumas.  

Love is Love and our Essence.  And when you live from that place, your relationships take on new meaning and expression, and you’ll find yourself meeting life and its challenges in a way you didn’t know possible.

My Mission:

To empower individuals to create strong loving families and help reverse climate change by offering transformative experiential workshops and retreats and online courses so that they can open to greater Love and purpose and enjoy their lives and families.